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Re: JWendt Log

1/15 Second day of the Elements class. Went over med ball cleans and Push Jerk


225 lb Dead Lift
Hand Stand Pushups (I never tried HSPU and I was having issues, so this time we subbed presses)

After the first round we dropped the DLs to 185 as I was getting slower and slower. The 225 just seemed really really heavy. Of course, I never did them before either.


1/16 Next day of Elements. Learned the Front Squat, Clean, and Thrusters

Workout - 5 rounds of
95 lb Press
95 lb front squat.
400 m run

Runs felt ok. Presses were not all that bad, even though it was the third day of them, Plus we will do a CFT tommorow. Joy. And sore shoulders. Squats got me good though.
My issue with the squats with weight on it is that the bar does not stay up on the shoulders. It got much better when I swapped from holding the bar in my hands to just crossing my arms, and holding up top.
37, 6-2, 215. Started 12/24/07. I thought I was in fairly ok shape, until I found this place. ;) Working on passing Fitness Skill Tests Lvl 1.
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