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Re: JWendt Log

Legs are sore all over from the squats from the squats the other day. Helped me decide to skip the workout for today in anticipation of going to the Crossfit training the next three days.

The WOD for 12/31 was Helen, only a couple days after the one I did at Crossfit.

I just wanted to work on my KB swing form (recorded them, even) and see if I could get through it a lot faster. I also didn't keep a very careful count of reps at Crossfit, and I'm sure I skipped a few and used a smaller KB as well.

For this one, I ran around the block as it's just about 400m. Subbed 24 jumping pullups in the garage, and dumbell swings inside. So, I used the proper weight, I did a better job, and went a minute faster. Didn't get lightheaded.

400m KB
_2:29__4:11_ 6:15
_9:39 11:37 13:30
17:00 19:29 21:30
37, 6-2, 215. Started 12/24/07. I thought I was in fairly ok shape, until I found this place. ;) Working on passing Fitness Skill Tests Lvl 1.
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