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Re: CrossFit affiliate lawsuit against Steven Devor, Michael Smith, and NSCA

Nalin - I'll respectfully disagree. If a sample of N is handled honestly, then no, a statistician can't "make" it say what he wants it to. If 0 people in a given study are injured, then you can't say (hypothetically) 16% were injured. That's not a statistics problem, that's a "lying" problem. I've seen statistics repeatedly used and abused by government, and in court in many contexts, so I agree with what you're saying, but outside of a specific case, that's just a bromide. In this case, one has to wonder if there wasn't already a tale waiting to be told and when the numbers didn't quite work out, Dr. Devor just decided to claim people who didn't return were injured. My own speculation is that he just "believes" this - he absolutely thinks it's true. Look at his comments, both in his interview with Russell and other publications. He repeatedly claims that "anything" done with intensity will produce more injuries - he says this as if it's an accepted fact, with zero proof for it. Reminds of Holmes' speech about our "can't helps." Devor simply "can't help" but believe this, and so he repeats it as fact, even in the face of clear proof he doesn't have the data to support the conclusion.
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