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Programming for my conditioning test

For football, I have a conditioning test in August consisting of:
300 shuttle (50 to 50), 8 times, 90 second rest
Bench 4RM
Seated Row 8RM
Squat 10RM (Leg press was offered as an alternative)

I've been following 5/3/1 Football, but don't know how I should adjust my workouts around these parameters.

I figured for the 300 shuttle, doing 8 intervals at a 60 second (or faster?) pace with 90 seconds rest. Bench, just going the linear route, setting a new 4 or 5 RM every workout (how often to bench?). For the seated row, just figured I'd stick with heavy deadlifts and pullups. Squat, I don't know if sets of 5 will be good still or if I should go to sets of 10 instead.

Thoughts? I'm mainly concerned with frequency, should I basically adopt a modified Starting Strength workout with those lifts?
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