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Re: Concerned what effect the 2010 programming will have on future competitors :(

I'm going to start training for the 2011 Games now, here is my new schedule.

Monday - Gymnastics class, the only one I could find was for girls 8 years and under. But I passed the criminal bacground check, so I'm allowed to join the class now that they know I'm not a pedo.

Tuesday - I joined a speed skipping group, luckily I had a copy of my background check and they just called the police station to verify it.

Wednesday - Taking a high school gym class to get better at climbing ropes

Thursday - Run 10k then try to break 300 pounds on crossfit total

Friday - Running around my block with 200 pounds of weight in my wheelbarrow

Saturday - 3 WOD's with 25 seconds rest between each

Sunday - Rest

Of course I'm joking, but imagine if this was my training routine for the last 6 months? I would have dominated the 2010 games...

Guys...again, I'm joking. Just having some fun...
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