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Re: T-Nation, Shugart and the Truth About CrossFit

Originally Posted by Derek Maffett View Post
No duh. Of course a GPP program is meant to improve general skills, but what you seem to be missing is that people who get better at the CF WOD's get better at everything else too. Perhaps we should add in weekly gravel shoveling and tightrope walking? I'm pretty sure your own ATG program doesn't.

People aren't just getting better at the WOD's. The reports on improvement on everything, not only the WOD's, are countless.
Countless...and tough to quantify with regards to actual sport performance. But that's no reason to discredit teh results.

The stuff you are putting forward is interesting but Gawd-awful tough to do in practical terms.

lets say we implement a CF program on a group of soccer players. Were they trained before? If not anything will benefit them. So, perhaps it should be in comparison to another program...which one? How do we measure proficiency in THAT program? Perhaps it's wod vs ME-black box vs Gants program vs Catalyst WOD. are we going to get the numbers to test that? How do we verify adherence to the program? There are a load of variables to track just on the training protocol side...Now, HOW do we quantify soccer performance? running the ball through a series of cones? average scoring? Number of blocked shot attempts by the goalie?

When I have said "Go do the science" this is being neither dismissive nor a dicke (although it might appear otherwise). It is literally: GO DO IT! Tell me what you did, what you found. My issue is that it will be like looking through the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research (I have the current copy right in front of me). The sample sizes are small, the studies poorly designed...or if well designed, telling us almost nothing of value. This in contrast to the huge data set available to us everyday via and the affiliates. I KNOW this is in the realm of anecdote...but I still see it being more valuable.

So, it sounds like you really want some kind of validation of the programming for 3rd party I put in a previous post, propose a study design, how it will be administered, what parameters are tracked...the whole enchilada, and we will find a grad student or a program to run it.