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Re: Kelly Moore's "New lease on life" log

No Isabel for left shoulder just doesn't like ballistic overhead movements these days, even with the meager amount of snatch weight I use. I know I'm not doing the motion right anyway, so why put my shoulder in jeopardy for no good reason?

Both my shoulders are muscle sore this morning after kayaking for hours yesterday (past midnight - it is beautiful on the Lakes when it is dark!). I hope to get out for a little while again today as I will be in Arizona for the next three days.

Here the WOD I created instead of Isabel....dead stop deadlifts are no joke. Since the weakest part of my deadlift regardless of style is breaking bar from the floor, removing the floor bounce really kicked my butt.

5 rounds for time:

5 230# Dead Stop Deadlifts (double bodyweight)
3 Ring Muscleups

7:46 - Deadlifts were beltless, straight bar, standard stance with no bounce off the floor - much more taxing than the bouncing style. Had to break the last two sets briefly to reset my starting position....the last thing I want is a messed up lower back. Better to stop and reset than to push through a bad rep at this weight.

Muscleups were started and ended with straight elbows each rep, no "jump off" reps. All sets unbroken. It's odd that I can do MUs and full ROM HSPUs without shoulder pain - but then again, they aren't a fast overhead movements. Push presses and jerks I feel immediately and with definite, intense meaning.
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