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Re: Adrenal Issues & Comeback

Thanks, Dennis. I knew there were better explanations out there than what I might come up with, and I appreciate you adding one here.

Frank, I've been working with Dr. Garrett Smith from this and the PM board. After discussing diet and keeping a few of the changes I was experimenting with (avoiding gluten was the big one), he started me on an adrenal powder supplement from Leviticus 11 and now I'm moving off that to a couple of other supplements (can't remember which ones right now) to essentially nourish my adrenal glands while they're recovering. No metcons over five or ten minutes, eliminate stress whenever possible, get plenty of sleep and good food. Be smart and don't wipe myself out.

So far it's going pretty well, but more than one ten-minute metcon session in a week will leave me depleted again. So I've got to take it easy in that department, hence I'm doing Starting Strength.
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