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Re: Knee Replacement

Originally Posted by Skip Chase View Post
Thanks Frank.
I've been to the UDub and I attended a seminar at Swedish Medical Center last evening. Nothing drastically different.

My doc's a UW grad and has done fellowships with sports med specialists.

Most of the implants will only allow 120 degree flexion. I've asked him to use a Depuy Sigma Rotating Platform-Flexion, which allows a 155 degree flexion. He said it is a good product, and he mostly inserts Depuy implants.

I'm somewhat 'numb' right now. It is hard to believe that the procedure is necessary at this time of my life, but the discomfort is unbearable. I have an extremely high tolerance for pain, but I am miserable.
Swedish guys are not cowboys hence they stay the traditional route of in for surgery, and out for rehab... its about dollars and cents with them. ( worked there)

Well you could shop around outside of the state.. if you are looking for that golden bullet before saying yeah, cut me.

The standard of measure when its time for surgery, is.... when you cant sleep at night due to the pain. .. it hurts and you dont sleep , it becomes personality changing. Thats the time to have it done.
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