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Re: tabata+skool= rhabdo?

Originally Posted by James Rios View Post
First i know Tabata something else was a while back in the WOD line up but i can only do body weight stuff or nothing at skool
So i did the Tabata Something else at skool on thurs. It is now saturday and i am having some of the worst soreness in my life in my Lats... Googled and searched here for some rhabdo symptoms and could only find minimal information on symptoms. lots of stuff on what it is and why it is dangerous but no symptom or diagnozing info...

from what i DID gather:
the only "definite" symptom i found for me having rhabdo is that i have almost NO range of motion in stretching the muscle. Ex. i can't scratch my head without pain...
i dont think it is swollen but it is kind of hard to tell cuz of the location of the ailing muscle
all my other muscles (chest abs legs bicepts tricepts) are getting better at a much faster rate.
i took an advil thinking the anti inflamitory effects would help with the soreness but it did next to nothing.
oh and lastly i've been sleepy all day

im obviously taking a break from all workouts...

if im missing any important symptoms ask, so i can answer

My theory is that i DO have rhabdo in my lats but no where else cuz i have been able to work the other areas at higher intensity more recently at karate practice or work...

SO is my theory correct do i have rhabdo? if so should i go to hosp.? or does it seem minor enough that i could just stay home and drink a grip of liquids and rest?
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