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Re: Kelly's Nov/Dec 2007 Crossfit/Kettlebell Sport training log

6 minute 20k kb snatch set: 40L/36R. Duct taped 10# of soft wrist weights to one side of a 16k bell. Feels a little weird, but it works. At least if one falls off it won't damage a feline or a foot.

5 minute break

Bwt 112#.

5 minute doubleunders: 41 single doubleunders
5 minute 95# squat clean and jerks: 13
3 minute doubleunders: 19 single doubleunders
3 minute 95# squat clean and jerks: 10
1 minute doubleunders: 10 single doubleunders
1 minute 95# squat clean and jerks: 5

Far more doubleunders than 040425. It certainly isn't because I've practiced them; the previously "doubleunder trained" beaded rope (thank you Lynne!) is easier for me to use than anball rubber or leather one.

I'm leaving for Costa Rica in a week. The beaded jumprope, Lifeline Jungle Gym and a deck of cards is coming along - a great time to get better at jumping rope!
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