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Re: Product Review -- Crossrope 2.0 (cont.)

The Overall Experience
So, what is it like to actually, you know, use the Crossrope product?

I love the Crossrope product. I really do. I find jumping with the Crossrope system to be smoother and more comfortable than with any other rope that I have ever used. It is very comfortable and just feels altogether right to me. The ease of identifying and moving from one cable to another is fantastic, which helps me keep my heart rate up as I move throughout a workout. Of course, not everyone switches mid-workout from one cable to another as I do, but still this is a very nice thing for me.

Is there anything I would change? Yep, one thing, and it could be an important one for some folks.

The cable lengths cannot be adjusted. That is, unlike most other ropes where you can customize your cable length to precisely where you want it, with the Crossrope cables you purchase a fixed length (note: there are many fixed lengths available), and thatís your length from that point on. There is no way to change it.

Where this presented a minor challenge for me at first was when I was first getting accustomed to the heavier cables. When I first started jumping with them, I kept my hands right by my side as I jumped in order to make sure that I had enough length out to keep the cable from plowing into my feet (which, with a three-pound cable, hurts). As I got better with these cables, I wanted to shorten the cable length in order to speed up the movement. Because the cable cannot be shortened, the only way to reduce the effective cable length is to bring your hands away from the side of your body. This is fine for short durations, but it is tiring on the arms and shoulders to have to keep the hands away from the body for very long at one time. Itís doable, but it is tiring and less than optimal. I would love to have a way to adjust/personalize the cable length to what is right for me. Competitive athletes or those who have found their ďperfectĒ cable length may have to shy away from the Crossrope system if one of the several stock cable lengths that are available isnít quite perfect for them. Thankfully, the stock cables that I have are only a tiny little bit longer than I would like, so this really isnít a big challenge for me.

But What About The Price?
During this review period, I have told several friends about the Crossrope product. A few of them have told me that they thought the product is too expensive.

So letís talk about that.

First, thereís no doubt that it is a little hard not to flinch a bit at seeing a $36 price tag just for one of the sets of handles (not to mention $160 for a full set). I mean, theyíre handles. How much can a handle cost?

On the other hand, thatís just the thing. Thatís where some perspective needs to be applied.

The Crossrope product is a premium, engineered, built-to-last product, not just one of those so-often-seen throwaway jump ropes that you can pick up at any number of places for $8 or so. In the end, a cable is just a cable, even when it is color-coded and labeled like the Crossrope cables. Cables wear out and eventually get replaced. Where you really should be putting your money Ė and where you do put it with the Crossrope product Ė is into the handle; into the part that connects to your body. It is the handle that gives you the ďfeelĒ of the rope and that ultimately defines your jump rope experience. So you want a durable, smooth, and precision product. Thatís what you get with the Crossrope system, and I believe it is worth the money.

I really think the Crossrope product is fantastic, though for some folks it will take some doing to get past the price. Admittedly, I didnít pay for my evaluation set, but knowing what I know now about the product, I would. Hopefully Dave will be able to come up with a way to adjust cable length, as this may be important for some high-performance athletes who are super-sensitive to cable length and how it can affect double-under timing. Iím not that guy though (and neither are most other people), so for me the product is perfect. I encourage you to check it out.
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