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Re: What is your #1 strength training question?

Originally Posted by Ross Barrett View Post
Hi Chris, i have a couple of quick questions.

1. Im following the cffb programming which is great but do you think some assistance work on arms would help with pull-ups and presses etc?
Curls will help with pulling movements and triceps work will help with pressing movements.

2. with following only cffb what should my calorific intake be roughly to make constant gains with getting fat? male, 25, 80kg, 5ft 11".
You mean not getting fat? If so, just track your calories using something like MyFitnessPal and set it up to maintain your weight. After a few weeks, adjust accordingly.

4. when following the programme i struggle with the olympic lifts that include squatting due to poor flexibility. shall i drop doing these with any weight what so ever and stretch/ perform form training rather than the lift? do something else to condition/ strength train on that day?
I wouldn't stop them. I would stretch more and work on your technique using light weight. Or even a broomstick.
Answers in red.
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