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Re: sweet potatoes versus fruit

Originally Posted by Luke Seubert View Post
Would you people please go back and read ALL of what I wrote, and not just selectively read what you think I wrote and then complain about that. Stop taking me out of context!

At no time did I say carrots and onions are bad for you. At no time did I say that people on low-carb diets should avoid them. In fact, I am on a very low carb diet right now and I eat them myself, along with tomatoes. Here's is a recent post to my Workout Log showing me eating these foods:What I did say is that these vegetables, along with others, do contain higher quantities of sugars and starches than most vegetables, which tend to be very low in both glycemic index and glycemic load. This is just a simple, straightforward, scientific fact. People who are on a low-carb diet should be aware of these veggies, and consume them in moderation.

Here are some of my quotes from this thread to support what I just stated in the paragraphs above:

Again, read what I actually wrote. People on a low-carb diet need to be aware of the high-carb veggies and eat them in moderation, not avoid them. People who are not on a low-carb diet need not worry about this issue at all.

Ahh, but somehow, everybody seems to think that I wrote, "Starchy, sugary veggies are bad for you! Avoid them at all costs whatever diet you are on!"

Yeah, ooookay. Whatever.
Just to get some perspective, 20-30% Carbs is considered a low-carb diet. So for 2500 calories a day, 175g of carbs is actually still considered low-carb. Any veggies should be fine here.

Now, if we talk about CKDs and PSMFs, then ya, tough luck.
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