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Cool Re: For those with snapping triceps syndrome, golfer's elbow, subluxating ulnar nerve


It's been roughly 6 months since I've began to rehab and correct my snapping triceps syndrome/subluxating ulnar nerve. I'd like to say that I've even improved my ROM with pressing exercises, such as pushups or DB/KB shoulder presses. I rarely ever experience snapping (only when I go too deep on pushups), and it much less powerful of a snap.

Recently, I made an article on my experiences, and went over my entire approach that helped me deal with this injury.

Here's the article. (WFS)

I feel compelled to post it here because quite a few people have reached out to me about my original experiences with this injury after I began speaking out about it. So, for anyone dealing with this crap, here you go, and good luck.
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