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Re: For those with snapping triceps syndrome, golfer's elbow, subluxating ulnar nerve

Update: The ulnar nerve subluxation came back with a vengeance.

After a few days of confusion and frustration, and dropped into some pushups again, and the snapping went away, Look at my hands as I did the pushups, I saw that I was putting all of my weight on the pinky-side/ulnar-side of my hands. I was practically rolling my hands into neutral, and afterwards, the redness from the weight-bearing was located all around the ulnar-side of my hands.

I told my chiro this discovery, and I was then instructed on rotating my hands externally when trying pushups, and this did the trick.

My conclusion is that the KT tape somehow led me to subconsciously compensate, which did in fact work in the mean time. With previously tilting my hands to bear the weight on my pinky-side, and now externally rotating my hands, I believe both of the changes in technique reduce the distance the nerve must travel throughout the arm.

If I'm correct, the subluxation we experience allows the nerve to relieve it's stretch while the elbow undergoes flexion. When the elbow goes through extension, the nerve has a shorter length to travel and is less stretched (or under less tension), thus the nerve pops back into the groove.

Why the nerve is suddenly unable to stay in place while under tension, I don't know. Possibly because the ligament responsible for holding it in the groove has gone loos, or even torn? Wheeless' Textbook of Orthopaedics says that possibly 16-20% of the population has the potential for ulnar nerve subluxation (WFS)). Well, you know what? That blows.

Maybe, the nerve has somehow shortened, and is under more tension during elbow flexion than the nerves of asymptomatic people? I've never heard of the ability for nerves to stretch or shorten, but I've never read anything that outright disqualifies the notion.

I hope this little musing has helped some people out there with this annoying condition.
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