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For those with snapping triceps syndrome, golfer's elbow, subluxating ulnar nerve...

For those of us who have the "snapping" in the medial side of our elbows, we've been pretty SOL.

If you search "snapping triceps" or "subluxating ulnar nerve", you can browse years of threads across different forums in which people have to either give up elbow movement or get surgery. For those who are unsure of what injury I am talking about, check out this (WFS).

I've come to the conclusion that the medical community is totally lost when it comes to this injury. Totally effing lost.

Some people have mentioned massage and stretching being somewhat helpful, so I sought out a sports-based chiropractor who works with athletic teams. I've been getting Active Release Technique (ART), Graston technique, adjustments, as well as stretches to do at home.

Essentially, improving the tissue quality ad loosening up the surrounding tissues does improve the condition. The snapping I get as I descend in a pushup became less "forceful". However, it didn't completely do it for me yet, so I experimented with KT tape.

I used two strips of KT tape on my elbow like so (WFS) and I jumped into some pushups. The first few still created some snapping, but I messed around with my hand positioning (width and height) and am now able to do some pushups without snapping. I'm not even sure if I did the taping optimally, as I followed the video to a T and centered the tape around the medial epicondyle, not the groove where the tendon/nerve lies.

Regardless, I found something that gave me instantaneous results! The reason why I feel the need to share this is because if you see an orthopedic about this issue, you'll either get: 1. surgery. 2. PT or 3. "lifting weights is bad, you should swim". Surgery seems to be provide so-so results (some being 100% fixed, some being worse than before), PT doesn't address the problem, and we're not gonna stop lifting ;-)

I really really really hope this helps you guys and gals out there whom have this elbow issue. Mine came about out of nowhere, and I'm glad it dissipated just as quickly.
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