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Re: Best S&C Exercises for Boxing

Boxing requires high level of Specialized Phyisical Preparedness (SPP). This takes place in form of technique, focus mitts, heavy bag, etc. Old school trainer know that no matter how strong or inshape their fighters are, if they have flaws, eventually someone will figure them out. You have to remember that boxing is called the sweet science for a reason, it's a game of chess. I say all this because this to drive home the point that S&C for boxing is done to a level to allow a fighter to have productive and successful training sessions. Training for a boxing match is no small task and requires a high level of General Physical Preparedness (GPP). As long as there fighters have the ability to execute the training and compete in the matches, that's the priority of their programming. Fights are one in the gym before the fight.

I know this is pretty broad but hopefully this will help anyone trying to understand a boxing trainers approach to S&C.
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