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workout stuff doesn't have to be "workout stuff"... lift, pull, drag, push, flip, throw whatever you can find. rocks, chunks of concrete, water cans, tires, etc... you can also make alot of stuff out of scraps. a large trashbag filled with sand can wear you out quick. set it on your back for pushup, tie around waist for pullups, lift it from ground to overhead, throw it, etc. there is a great resource on this sight that list enough bodyweight workouts to keep you busy for a long time. with a set of rings your upper body with stay plenty strong. keeping your legs strong can be as simple as doing jump squats while wearing your kit followed by some sprinting (not running, sprinting - short and explosive). strength won't disappear overnight, if you are using your muscles for max force production then it will maintain. do explosive powerful moves and you will be fine.
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