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Jeff Griffin
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I have been crossfitting regularly for about three months now.
About eight years ago I tore my right Achilles tendon playing basketball. Ouch! Worst pain I ever felt in my life. Anyway, since then after the 6 month recovery it has actually been better than ever, literally. Prior to it tearing it always seemed to get very sore for days after any kind of activity ie. Softball, Basketball, Running, after the surgery no pain at all ever.
Lately my left achilles tendon is starting to hurt the same way the right one did before it tore. After 400 meter runs or sport activities like softball and basketball. Does anybody have any advice for strengthening it or how to deal with it. I stretch it very thoroughly but that does not seem to help.I have pondered the thought that the wod does not hit the calf very much and I could be weakening in that muscle and putting strain on the achilles.
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