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sudden severe lower back pain

im in need of some loose opinion -

i was doing some heavy cleans yesterday (lunch time), and didn't have any problems until around 10pm, when my lower back around my left lumbar started to get really uncomfortable.
i went to bed sleeping on a lacrossball peanut, thinking it was just muscular.

bu i woke up this morning, sneezed in a strange position, and i've been bedridden since.

leaning forwards really hurts isolated to the same back location.
i've got no real pain radiating from the area
its a really sharp pain, like a pinched nerve

i've been taking some ibprofin and putting heat on it.

what seems to help is a lacross ball, strapped against the area really tight with a weightlifting belt - using the Valsalva maneuver - this is the only way ive been able to situp more generally move around with out an unbearable amount of pain

i'm planning on remaining lying for the next day, and if it doesn't recover i'm going to see a Doc - in the mean time any thoughts on what it might be, how to deal with it, any what to expect if i go see the docs?
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