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Sean- the tempo is the reciprocal of the speed. if you have a tunturi or a wynne style of rower, then the tempo is the length of time ( mm:ss) that it takes for you to row a set distance. this is referred to as the default distance setting. on the C2, this is set to 500m . The C2 call this data " pace ". in your case it is probably the same thing. if you look at this while you are rowing, try to keep it constant. as you row, you can attempt to reduce it each time. this is referred to as negative splits.
It seems that you can only allow for time so row a 5 minute clip trying to maintain a 2:00 minute tempo. you will find that the hydraulic/piston type may be considerably more difficult so perhaps a 2:30 tempo would be good. it doesn't really matter as what you wish to do is to reduce the tempo/pace by 3-5 % each week. in the beginning , you will make huge leaps in improvement in tempo. then as you approach the limits of your performance curve, it will take more effort in training to make incremental changes in performance.
if you wish to know how fast you are going in Meters per second, then flip the numbers upside down, convert the time to seconds and divide. for example a 2 minute pace /500 m is 120 second/ 500 m. or in terms of speed, 500m/120 seconds which leads to 4.167 m/s. This datum combined with the number of strokes per second can then tell you how many meters you are going per stroke. the math is easy and fun, the rowing is fun but not easy! just the way we like it!
let me know of any further concerns/help you need.
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