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crud, i left out a topic; your wife's time.
patrick, really, do calm down as i didn't say that your time is not good. i said that your wife's time of 4:05 is of a greater significance that your time of 3:30 (or better). There are many male rowers who can row 3:30 ( I am not one of them ) especially bigger guys like yourself. However, there are NOT that many women of any age who can row 4 minutes or thereabouts for a 1000m. hers is merely statistically more significant than your time. you were not the subject of the sentence; your wife was. your wife's time is very good; i apologize that you found that sentence to be about you when it was about your wife. your time is very good.

your personal comments about me do little if anything to further your goals. i sincerely regret that you find it necessary to comment upon my use of 'big words'. i do not find them 'big' so i expect no one else to either. I have found that most people on these sort of boards ( athletic boards ) are well educated people capable of following more robust sentences allowing for syntax/typo errors. for some people, it's my lack of capital letters, typos or punctuation that bothers them. sheeshh

i'll send a message to my friends that you find them not worthy. it should bring a smile.:proud:

this is all too funny; i have never said anything of a personal impolite nature to any one thus far.

Sean, when and if you can find a C2 rower drop me a note. there is plenty of info out there. and plenty of rowing competitions on the continent for you to ply your skills.
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