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Mark Cain
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In my opinion, the comment about liars, old people and kids was quite extraordinay in it's dismissiveness. should he read his comment again, he should be able to see that he dismissed the times of an entire generation as being not up to snuff. it is true that the times do drop off as you look at the age categories. however, the top in each age group still have amazing times.
The implication that the c2 ranking site is less truthfull and thereby less relevent than say, this cross fit site is astounding. i did mention that the majority of the times posted are race times and as such entered by the people of C2. Most of the other times are entered by people who know each other and/or race each other on an ongoing basis. Hard to lie when you have to put up or shut up the next day at the gym.

i am not interested in fanning the flames. odd that you should see it that way. yet i have no control over what others have going on in their heads. i'd suggest saving the battles for the gym as there is none to have in here.

this should address the issue.

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