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Lauren Glassman
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The Zone will allow you to use fat (dietary and body) as your primary fuel source as opposed to carbohydrate. While this may feel different at first, and I would not recommend making the change right before an endurance event, you will ultimately have a more steady and efficient source of energy. If you are coming from a high carb, low-fat, low protein diet, the transition can be difficult and may be detrimental to your performance at first. If you are having a hard time with less carbs, slowly cut them down.
Also choose a time to start where you have plenty of time to adapt before an important event.

Remember, you will be getting 40% of your calories from carbohydrates. This is one of the reasons we like the Zone. You will be getting enough carbohydrate to “feel good” during your training, while getting the proteins and fats you need for muscle development and increased performance. Also if you are already lean, it is essential that you alter the Zone parameters to account for the fact that you are not trying to loose fat. This translates into increased fat intake. If your “Block” breakdown for a meal looks like 5 blocks of protein, 5 blocks of carbs, and 5 blocks of fat, you would want to change it to 5 blocks of protein, 5 blocks of carbs, and 25 blocks of fat.

I should also mention that sodium intake becomes critical when you cut your carbs. You will need to take a serious electrolyte supplement. With a lowered blood sugar, your body will not hold onto sodium and this can cause serious performance problems if not handled properly.

While you are making these changes and training carefully monitor how you are feeling and make modifications as needed. Nutrition is very much an art.
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