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Frank, i think this came up on the comments for a WoD recently.

The problem is likely a lack of proper recruitment of the posterior chain, and in particular, the glute and hams. It is likely that you are compensating for weak GH recruitment by using the quads more, hence the forward lean (leaning forward engages the quads and takes some of the work away from the glute and hams). That said, you probably want to focus on using your glute and hams when doing all of your squats. Your forward lean probably comes into play when the weights get heavier, so you will need to work on this with lighter weights.

Another thing to consider is that if your back is rounding towards the bottom of your squat, you are losing the structural integrity provided by proper posture. Aside from being unsafe, this will also hinder your ability to recruit the glute and hams, so make sure your form is on and do not let your back start to round. That is, don't let your hips chase your legs.

So, practice using your glute and hams during all squats, and make certain your form is correct.

Hope this helps.

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