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Joe Bianchi
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Finding the right medical practitioner

Hello fellow Crossfit community.

I have some pain/mobility issues that need attention. When I search for types of therapy I find a few different kinds; Physio Therapy, Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Rolfing, etc... How do I know which is the right kind for me? Also, how do I know the "good" practitioners who understand Crossfitters/athletes?

Here's what I'm trying to address: I've had plantar Fasciitis twice (same foot, right side), and a bunch of other tight/pain areas along the right side including my right knee and just below the knee (shin), my right hip, right shoulder (tight at neck and I get headaches from that), left hip (when I bend to the right).

I live just north of Toronto, Ontario, so finding the right kind of medical practitioner near me would help. Any advice/tips would be appreciated.
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