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Re: Power clean, warm-up to max

Video Update
First off I have two videos: one with me starting in my usual position, and one with my rear starting higher. Can anyone tell me which I should be using (or is it something inbetween)? I know, the bar was too far out on my feet again. I fixed that later that day.

Starting with hips lower: wfs

Starting with hips higher: wfs

Now for the general technique stuff
The other day someone on the boards mentioned doing a hang clean from the thighs, one from the knees, then one full power clean. I can't remember what they were called (triples maybe?), but I did some. I started with 135 lbs, moved down to 95 lbs for a few, and then did my last one with 135 lbs.

Power clean (triples?): wfs

Finally, my last set I did 3x185 lbs. After my third clean, I did a front squat. These were the end of my technique work, so I'm hoping that they are a good representation of my earlier work. If you don't mind, let me know how my front squat is.

Power clean x 3 & front squat (185 lbs): wfs
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