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Re: Pre/Post Workout Shake basics

I'm not particularly trying to gain as much as provide decent fuel/recovery for my workouts and let my body respond however it wants. But I usually feel best around 175-180 so I would probably be shooting to put on a bit more. I agree with the real food, but I'm looking for a decent crutch when I can't eat something good to get me by. I don't think real food helps me much in the morning as a pre workout because I have to eat it right before I workout and anything solid usually hangs out in my throat for the morning workout (I'm not getting up earlier than 4:30 no matter how much it could help).

Once I get to work I usually have some almond butter to snack on and sometimes some hardboiled eggs. But I think I'm getting mostly protein and not enough other stuff. I'm just looking for how to get some quick easy extra calories and any advice on what should make those up.
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