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Here's a link to the C2 (Concept 2) website that talks about the muscles used in rowing. Hunt around on the website for answers to all of your rowing questions.

The best rower going is the Concept 2 ergometer (the terms erg and erging come from this AKA name for C2 rowing machine) and once you use one you will understand why it such an amazing training tool. Rowing is very, very intense and uses all your major muscle groups...unlike running, swimming, biking or tetherball. There are clubs and meets (called regattas) where people comptete in races of varying distances. You row in sets called pieces of whatever length you want but typically 500, 1000 and 2000 meter lengths in intervals, long sets, ladders or other combinations. An absolute cardio nightmare.

The fitness it builds depends on how intensely you row of course since you could plod along like a mall walker or you could hammer like a 2000 meter single sculler and send your lactate threshold through the roof. Unlike other aerobic sports is builds tremendous explosive strength in your core, arms, back, legs and hips and even works your grip.

You want one. Check out the website for further enticements.

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