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Re: Off to Iraq

1. Local mattresses are awful. #1 best thing is a comfortable rack. Get a memory foam mattress for a twin sized bed (or cal-king sized & fold in half = twice the thickness.) You may have to buy it & have your wife mail it but it is totally worth it.

2. Extension cord + power strip. You'll have to buy a power converter once you arrive - don't worry there are lots available at the PX or from people leaving.

3. Electronic bug/flea repeller (plug in type from hardware store) - sand flies will bite you between your fingers & toes when you sleep. It really itches & can give you leishmaniasis. I never saw these bastards but they bit the hell out of me until I got this thing in the mail.

4. iPod/DVD player - all good depending on what you like. You can order stuff from amazon easily & there are a ton of cheap black-market dvd's to watch, so I wouldn't bring a big collection -cept what's on your ipod. I wouldn't bring books - too heavy & take up space. You can buy tv's/xbox's etc. when you get settled in. I'm a big ipod fan myself.

5. One nice pair of (authorized/black) sunglasses. The more coverage the better. I got the new Oakley Radars & they're great except during dust storms (they still don't cut it when it's blowing). Wrap-arounds like my old Arnette Ravens are the best.

6. Under Armour Men's HeatGear 6" Boxer Jock - for the heat/chaffing. I've got 6 pair. For me these are a requirement.

7. You might try their socks too, but I'm not too particular when it comes to these. I was issued really nice moisture-wicking t-shirts, so you won't have to spend money on those.

8. You won't need civilian clothes besides what you'll want at mob station - and that may be nothing depending you your command.

Send me an email to w/ your unit & I'll see if I can track you on this end. You REFRAD date should be solid. I'll PM you my work email. Send me the details & I'll see what I can tell you.
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