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Off to Iraq

I am in the Individual Ready Reserves and have been for a couple years now. I received a packet the other day from the Army human resources command. I am less then two months from my ETS so I thought it was possibly some out processing paperwork. It turns out that they are deployment orders and I am to report for mobilization processing 15 days before my ETS. To say the least this was shock. My wife and I have taken the past few days and with a lot of prayer have come to the realization of what is happening. We've been able to be pretty positive, all things considered. I am prepared to go do what I have to do and come home. I feel strangely comfortable about the situation and I think I owe a lot to CrossFit for that. I'm sure many of you know from experience but the thing that bothers me the most is the feeling of leaving my family. My kids aren't old enough to be sat down and explained the situation, but they are old enough to know that Daddy's gone. I feel awful about leaving my wife and I can't help at times not to feel guilty, like I am abandoning them.

I know this is something that needs to be done and I will serve my country with pride. My wife has been a rock and has made things easier for me. God definitely has a reason for doing this and one day we'll know why.

I do have some questions for some of our veterans. My deployment packet doesn't have a lot of information. I know that some dates and locations won't be known until I need to know them, but some of the more simple things are not hit on at all in the packet. What would you guys recommend bringing besides the obvious(toothpaste, uniforms, etc.)? I am planning on bringing a jump rope and a set of rings. As far as comfort items what should I bring? a computer? ipod? books?

Any advice on what to expect would be great. One of the hardest things with this situation is the unknown.

Is the REFRAD date on my orders a real date that will be followed or does it not mean anything?

Thanks in advance. Sorry that I had to let some of you know this way but it is easier than making a bunch of phone calls.

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