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Re: Role of the Burgener Warm Up

the audio worked fine for me.

Basically there are 4 exercises that he walks you through. Each exercise is done 3 times.

1. Snatch grip pull from the hang (1-2-3)
2. Snatch grip Pull from the hang with high and wide elbows (5-4-6)
3. Snatch Grip pull from the hang with high elbows and muscle snatch (7-8-9)
4. Power snatch from the hang (10-11-12)

I hope that is helpful. The idea is to get the body warm, the technique instilled. I didn't quote coach burgener exactly, but that is the gist. A lot of the audio was him counting which movement she (Sage) was doing (1,2,3 or 4,5,6).

I found that my technique was pretty horrid when I first started doing the burgener warm up and it feels much more solid now after only a couple weeks.
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