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Re: My First Article

Chris, great start. One of the strengths of this article is its brevity. More importantly --- your content. What you say is important and you say it warmly and with charm.

Writing takes a lot of work --- the work is in the revising. Go through your article and shorten it. Make the sentences quicker and leaner. I saw several clauses that could be removed or dramatically shortened. Let me give you an example ---

This is one of the intangibles of physical fitness training, yet one of the most important aspects that we, as athletes, could ever hope to garner.
This could be shortened:

Confidence is one of the intangibles of physical trianing, yet one of the most important qualities an athlete can hope to garner.

(You'll want to replace "this" with a more substantive word, especially since it's the beginning of a paragraph.)

Good luck and feel free to hit me up any time if you want to discuss writing. I admire your effort and goal.

On the matter of defining confidence --- I'm an obsessive stickler about this --- I might define it as a "positive belief in or estimate of one's ability to perform".
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