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Re: A little confused about process of affiliation


I'm from Ireland, and when applying for affiliation I didn't have the website or location set up.

I told them my proposed name - CF Ireland, and website. I wouldn't have been able to get the URL without the licence from CFHQ since .ie's are ruthlessly protected.

I also got a space after affiliation. Now perhaps this has changed since July but iirc there was no requirement to have a space.

Get in touch with Davie Easton in CrossFit Central Scotland, or Miles Key in CrossFit West Sussex. These two guys are as internet addicted as me, so will no doubt get back to you pretty quickly. Miles has only just set up himself so he'll be able to help. Plus it's a nice way to start off emailing the other UK affiliates just to say "Hi, I'm going for affiliation."

Hope this helps,
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