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A little confused about process of affiliation


At some stage in the future (sooner rather than later) i would like to affiliate. I understand from looking at the FAQ's that you have to fill out the application form first but in that it asks for website and what space I have acquired.

Firstly how can i set up a website (crossfit) unless affiliated and god forbid i'm knocked back it would be a waste of money. I am in the u.k. and setting up a website with a developer is not cheap. I have seen on here there are some blog sites but can you use just those or do you need to purchase the crossfitwherever url.

Secondly i am currently looking for premises but will for now as I have been as a Personal Trainer, be using both open spaces, clients houses and unfortunately a "big Box". How do i go about putting this down on the application.

I am in the u.k. so if there are any other guys from the u.k. that have gone through the process and had similar circumstances it would be good to hear how you overcame them.


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