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Re: FDAZ "fitness deviants Arizona"

This is great, I am extremely excited about the response.

Mike, to answer your question, I was working extra and the BC called to tell the capt. "we" were not to do any PT program other than what the district had supplied and created. Basically I was being told not to use the rope I hung-with permission-to do ring stuff. My captain was able to track him down to get clarification. The jist was, he was talking out of his A**. currently I am having "meetings" with our Perr Fitness Trainers to get them to buy the idea. I really wish I could read the situation better, but for know we can do this stuff with what is here and what I have made or bought and bring every day.

on a WOD note, michael is one of my favorites but we just got a tractor tire so we will be flipping it in teams with something else. I'll post results when were done and I can type...
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