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Christopher Sommer
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Sounds like a fine program. The trampoline & suspended belt work will be especially helpful for your little one. My own youngest daughter, now 2 years old, learned to bounce on tramp before she could walk. (Yes, I know, I have never figured that one out either.)

Add in lots of hanging, swinging and climbing along with a little support work and you have many ingredients that will have a very postive impact on her future physical and mental development.

Don't worry about skills or progressions at this age, just have fun and let nature take its course. My oldest daughter, now 4 years old, was never interested in formal training. No interest in listening to an instructor and wanted nothing at all do to with any kind of structured practice. She just wanted to run around and have a good time. Yet recently she decided she was wanted to train with the "big girls" and has been on a little developmental team for the last three weeks and having a wonderful time. Suddenly my little wild child is listening, waiting in line, following directions, practicing skills over & over . . . it's a little bit like the twilight zone. My biggest problem now is trying to get her out of the gym.

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