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Re: Diary of a Fat Troll

Good news for today! Little to no shoulder pain! The knees were bleh, like usual.

Todays workout went soooo well! I was still jacked up on adrenaline when I went to class at 1, and I finished around the workout around 12:30. Good stuff.

I watched Dave Tates So You Think You Can Bench series. Holy crap, it cured my shoulder pain. Guess what the culprit was? Bad technique. Who would have known? Those videos are a miracle.

The Workout: Max Effort Day

45 lb bar 3x5
75 lb 1x3
95 lb 1x3
115 lb 1x3
135 lb 1x1
155 lb 1x1
185 lb 1x1
205 lb 1x1
230 1x1 I had a tiny bit of assistance near the end. But still got it. 240 here I come!

Tricep Extensions Elbows In:
3x5 55lb My left felt more burn than my right, need to fix that.

Rear Deltoids: 3x10 115lb

Strict Chin Ups:
: 3 sets to failure. I got 8, then 3, then 3. I was doggin it near the end. Needs improvement.

Overall, my bench technique has improved a crapload. I have realized I need to pay more attention to my technique in things other than squat and deadlift. Why I only cared about my technique in those two is beyond me. But, the workout felt great. I was pumped up out of my mind at the end. That hasnt happened to me since before the injury. I love the lifting high!
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