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Re: Diary of a Fat Troll

Today my knee was feeling okay. Not the best, but not the worst.

I am limited to what i can do, so dont troll me by saying "thats not crosfit blah blah blah."

The workout: (Im following a little program by louie simmons to make my bench better, since thats all I can do):

Bench: 145lbs 8x3 (only did 6x3, my left shoulder was killing me. I gotta fix that.)
DB Bench: 60lbs 3x5 (again, shoulder hurt, dont know WTF is wrong)
One Arm Row: 60lbs 3x8 (feels easier on the left than right.)

My knee was killing me around that time so I decided to skip the rest and go to crunches, since racking and un racking weight doesnt help.

Crunches: 3x25 (pitiful, but I did them. I need to plan my ab stuff better).

Then I stretched, and it felt damn good.

Overall, I need to work on abs. Tomorrow, Im gonna do cardio on the bike. If i am feeling spunky, Im gonna make the row machine my b1tch.
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