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Re: Suzanne's CrossFit Extravaganza

Group warm up

1 minute Double unders
hold at bottom of squat 1 min
45 seconds Double unders
hold squat 45 seconds
30 seconds Double unders
hold squat 30 seconds

Group WOD

AMRAP 20:00

200 m run
25 pushups
25 SDHP w 24 kg KB
25 sit ups

3 complete rounds+ run, pushups,20 SDHP

Didn't realize until I started the first 200m run that I have managed to fire up some killer shin splints with the extra running. OW!! Wondering if this will have enough time to get better by the race on Sunday-

Could not decide between going to class or doing the WOD on my own that was posted (Thrusters, HPC, SDHP) as I love that workout. In retrospect I think I should have gone with that instead. I am constantly torn between doing my affiliate's programming or doing the WOD on my own. I really like the group dynamic but due to a lack of equipment sometimes we can't work all the skills needed in the class setting. I am lucky that we have an open gym as well so I can do either.

Might take tomorrow off-
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