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Re: CrossFit Ventura

Tom- You got that right! I am station at VR-55 on Mugu.

CJ- I thank you for your kind words.


I thought that I did but, I forgot to mention that these opinions are my own and do not/should not reflect upon CF Ventura. This was simply a reply to your post in reply to mine. I apologize to CJ and Huff if I in any way tarnished your personal and affiliate reputation.

I will do my best not to turn this into some kind of ****ing contest and derail the purpose of this thread.

I felt that I clearly respected what you do and just intended to clarify why this post was created. Never once did I question what you are doing with War-Fit. You do what you want with your affiliate tag. You are the one that posted in my thread and laid your claim to the Thousand Oaks area. Last time I checked this was a community, not a competition. There are times and places for those things, just like this weekend at CF Westlake and the CF Games. I am very disappointed that you felt the need to personally attack me.

Yes, I agree with Colin and you that you are more than capable of performing CF type WOD's on a daily basis in any environment using whatever you have access to, hence the beauty of CrossFit. The first WOD I did with CJ and Bill was at the track at UCSB. You make the best with what you have. However, you cannot deny that there are differences to training in an adequately outfitted CF Affiliate. An example is how limited I was trying to do CF WOD's at the gyms on the base which are handsomely stocked with various equipment. Shoot, even CF Ventura is limited in some facets for now. I felt that due to the recent opening and limited advertising that the word could be spread to anyone interested in coming down, if only purely for curiosity. I truly would hate to have someone discouraged or stop doing CF simply because someone closed their affiliates. It would crush me.

Wherever you go in this great thing we call CrossFit, you will find various opinions, programming, and training styles to mention a few. You do with it what you want. You posted on my thread and then visibly became upset that I clarified the purpose. This thread was to spread knowledge and promote growth in individuals and the community. Not to start a debate on Training Methodologies. There are other Forums for that.

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