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Colin Jenkins
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Re: CrossFit Ventura

First off, let me start by saying I know of no one more committed and excited about CrossFit than Nick (Mase). I'm sure he would even sleep and eat in a CrossFit facility if you allowed him!! He has also been an extremely valuable and cherished member of the CrossFit community here in Ventura.

BUT...As one of the Co-Owners and trainers at CrossFit Ventura, I would just like inform Justin and everyone else to know that Mase's views and opinions are his and his alone. They do not reflect my, Bill Huffman's views in anyway. In fact, I completely agree with Justin on this. I believe that elite fitness can be (and should be) forged anywhere. In fact, with a pair of dumbbells alone, matched with good programming, training, creativity, and hard work, tremendous amounts of fitness can be gained.

I am very sorry that this post was created. I has done nothing to accomplish anything but create bad vibes. We as a CrossFit Community need to stick together, help each other out, and strengthen our communities together! Thanks for understanding!

-Colin Jenkins
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