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Re: CrossFit Ventura


Please tell me what capabilities I am limited in again?

First, I can tell that you have spent no time researching my program based on the nonsense you posted. Don't speak unless you have hard facts.

My program is well rounded and DOES include Strength Training, Power Development, Gymnastics training, Endurance, Sprinting, Plyometrics, etc., all of which address the 10 General Physical Skills as outlined in the "What is Fitness" article. These skills are (cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy).

My goal is not offer Main Page WOD's to my clients. I program my workouts based on my environment and the principal of constantly varied, functional movements, done at a high intensity.

I do not adhere to every little thing Crossfit, nor do I ever intend to do that. I add to and remove things from my program based on what I feel will get the best results, in the least amount of time. There are many aspects of athleticism that I feel Crossfit neglects (Lack of unilateral loading and lack of Multiplanar movements, lack of lifting odd size and shaped objects, all of which are part of athletics, combat, physical jobs, and plain old everyday life) . I address those issues in my class as well.

The only thing that may lead you to believe that you cannot achieve this in an outdoor environment is your lack of creativity.

I know that you are not one of the operators of Crossfit Ventura and I would be more careful what you say when you appear to be representing someone else company.

For anyone looking for a great outdoor workout in Thousand Oaks come check out my program Warrior Fitness Program (WFS). If you are in Ventura I encourage you to visit Crossfit Ventura as I am sure they run a great program as well.
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