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Re: What is this thing?

Originally Posted by Daniel Olmstead View Post
Overhyped, overspecialized, overpriced.
Reviews on the retailers site are positive. Essentially this looks like a combination of an AbMat, which is CF approved, and a high-pulley rope crunch. But, I don't see how this would be endorsed enough to get mention in that article, which I where I first heard of this. It seems to have a fairly sizable footprint, which doesn't seem too consistent with the CF ethos, given that it doesn't appear to do anything that can't be done reasonably well with other equipment.

overpriced - I found one for much cheaper, so maybe not too overpriced
overspecialized - does this only do one thing?
overhyped - I don't need to comment any further or what the link promises

However, I forgot to make any mention of wfs in my link above. You might not want to click on the link if it's distracting to look at stuff that claims to increase your sexiness.
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