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Re: "Diet" questions

I'm sure people have gotten lean doing every kind of diet. It all comes down to discipline. Heck, I actually got in great shape in college. I read a couple mens fitness articles, convinced myself that low fat was the way to go. I would eat two bagels (yes, bagels.. ) for breakfast w/ jelly (zero fat). Lunch would be a 6 foot veggie sub... etc. Workouts were 40 minute elliptical sessions followed by bench presses and bicep curls. I actually think I got lean in spite of myself.

That being said, I think cutting out sugar, bread, pasta etc is the way to go. Getting most of your carbs from veggies and fruit. Our bodies just aren't designed to eat all that other junk. I know I'll stumble and drink a few beers or have a couple slices, but I try to stay on plan 80% of the time.

There are a lot of really knowlegeable people on this site who have different ideas. I just try to listen and learn.

Good luck!
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