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Re: Mom of 2 No Fitness Background 10 Months In

Originally Posted by Erin G King View Post
Attached are some pics of me from a recent off site WOD at the beach, and 1of me at heaviest. The beach shots show my body after 10 months of Crossfit at Monroe County Crossfit with improved diet.

I can't believe that this is my body. MY body after a 30 year sedentary lifestyle, never playing sports, exercising, or even attending gym in high school for that matter. I am a mother of a 5 and 4 year old that I had by caesarian. In 2010 following a divorce in a difficult time of my life I was the heaviest not relating to pregnancy that I had ever been. I dropped 20 pounds quickly in 2011 by consuming less than 1500 calories a day with increased normal physical activity (like going for walks) but remained flabby. I started crossfit in September 2011. I quickly gained 10 pounds, eating more than I ever had, while dropping a pant size.

But... that is the least of what Crossfit has done for me. It has brought about a continuous overhauling of my spirit thatís value far exceeds the physical manifestations. I am in a constant evolution. Everything has changed. Every day Crossfit challenges me to be better at the box and in my life as a whole. I am not yet where I'd like to be as an athlete but I am on the path. This is my body and ME after under a year of Crossfit... Can't wait to see what year 2 looks like.
Awesome job! Congrats!
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