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Re: Renegade Diet

Originally Posted by Dare Vodusek View Post
I apologise if my question was not clear. Let me try to rephrase it.

The "idea" behind diets like Renegate diet, carb backloading, leangains, ... is to have "all" of your carbs in a post workout meal/s. The idea is to prepaire your body/glycogen for next day (together with optimum recovery/muscle rebuild process). So what you eat today after workout is there to prepaire yourself for tomorrow's workout. Thats why there are zero carbs recommended before workour.

But if today is my rest day and I had my "carb" meal yesterday I see no need for carbs today since I will not do a workout and my glycogen should be all filled up from yesterday. I dont need calories from carbs, fats are much better source of calories.

Unless the idea behind "rest day carbs" is to just put a bit of juice in our body in case we dont have full glycogen levels, just in case, to be sure and fully prepaired for next day when we do have a workout?
Personally, I don't buy into all that stuff about carb backloading. I buy into the post workout protein and carbs, but everything else is just about the calories. So after you meet the protein requirement, you can fill the rest in with carbs and/or fats. I just prefer to fill it with more carbs.
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