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Re: CrossFitters vs Decathletes

just my view from a couple of years experience competing in decathlon.

the guys i competed against were usually pretty one sided....
that is they could run extremely fast, jump really high, and throw real far but when it came to 1500m (longest event in decathlon) most of them struggled.

i think while decathletes and elite footballers would crush the weightlifting and shorter metcons,
anything that was like the 09 games 7km hill run or a long metcon they would find a lot more challenging especially with no specific training.

personally i dont think a decathlete could rock up to the games having never experienced crossfit and win, i do not even believe they would make top 10,

however with a few months of solid training i think they would adapt prettty quickly and could end up doing very well.

the same does not go for a crossfitter transferring into high level decathlon.

as much as i dont like saying it even someone like Mikko would not do at all well, this is because their is a lot of technique needed to do some events and a lot more strength and power than needed in crossfit is involved.

some of it also comes down to genetics, as a decathlete if you do not have prodominantly fast twitch muscle fibers then in my opinion you will never be able to reach that top level because of the nature of the events.

just my 0.02
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