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Re: CrossFitters vs Decathletes

I think it depends. When it comes to the decathlete, a lot of specialized training is involved. So if the transition is easier then of course going one way would seem to be better. But then again, think about a decthalete never had done a thruster/pullup and being challenge to do "Fran"

hmmm..inquiry minds wanna know!!!!

Hey Peeps:
Recently we learned that Oprah Winfrey is hosting auditions for her new OWN television network, to be launched in January 2011. It has to be presented from a television host’s perspective on a new show idea.

Bo Peep put together a quick vid, but we need LOTS of votes IMMEDIATELY, as it is partly a popularity contest. The time was limited to 3 minutes or less and we weren’t allowed to use any logos or brand names, so there’s no mention of CrossFit or HardCore or any other ‘commercial’ product or idea. Just our vision and ideas. PLEASE PLEASE vote now and vote often, as you can place as many votes as you want as long as your over 21 and above. Send this to your friends and families and get them to vote too.

Once we are chosen, we’ll get our CFHC/CFBR story out there for everyone to see. Go to

Then click on the "Own your Show", type in Julie and look for the one that says "Health and Wellbeing" and the title of video is "Forget what you know about fitness". So lets vote, vote, vote and then vote again and tell everybody, so we can crack a least a million by July 3rd.

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